Social Media


More than what it says on the tin.

Social Media


Social Media – It’s your sales lead mediation

In the real world, not cyber space. In our everyday relationships, socially is where we chat to our trusted acquaintances, family and friends.

The best recommendation you can get is by doing a good job and having your praises sang between these circles of contacts.

On line is no different.

Specific contacts have certain skills for completing a task.

Each social stream has differing but effective styles in relaying your content.

Twitter is fast paced – short brief headlines, linking to other articles. Yet YouTube has endless possibilities regarding tutorials, demonstrations, sales ads, creative content.

Bet you would love it if we made all the latest news you post to your site, roll out to your associated social media profiles automatically? OK, no problem.

Bet you would love in if we could let you manage all your on line interactions from one interface? Again, no problem.

As Google develops and location services are featuring in most aps and built into advertising campaigns, soon the location of you and your contacts will play a part in what streams socially to viewers on line. Intelligent software that knows who you associate with and where you frequent is going to be effecting your search results. You will no longer be able to just buy clicks, likes and shares as such. These must be gained from real interactions if you want to stay in the gain.

Search engines are going all out to tackle the fakers. From now on and into the future, the key is do a job well and get praised – on line, within your social community, then the genuine word will spread.

PPC running alongside social media is a good way to increase your associated contacts and increase exposure. The actual genuine good praise you get will increase the validity of your on line brand.