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Good Morning All !

Well I haven’t posted for a while so I have just logged on to give you a big hello and just let you know what’s been going on at Sarassist lately.

Well, the self-assessment deadline has been and gone, so I have been busy of late helping out a Dudley based Azure Accounting Limited to stay on top of the high volumes of returns due in. Number crunching with our heads down for a little while has kept all clients compliant and penalty free – ( even the ones that leave everything to the last minute ).

I have also been working with the fab gang down at Tooles Transport, Droitwich quite regularly over the past few months as they have staff off on maternity and are as busy as ever delivering UK wide pallets and general haulage. I hadn’t seen them for some time so it has been really nice to be able to go back, help out and catch up with some great people.

I am still working with Kandeshop on providing great reliable hosting, many of my customers have made huge savings on bespoke software and systems as well as those who have already benefitted from to switching to the hosting packages available.

Try and remember to have a natter with me if you feel this may help your business too.

Other projects currently in hand are working alongside Parts Buddy Ltd in their start-up period. They are currently supplying a small client base with Landrover parts and will be adding all makes and models, truck and Bike parts to the services as they progress. It is a big challenge to get all systems running together so this is going to be a long haul project. I will keep you up posted about the progress and benefits they have as they emerge.

Anyway, I hope you are all well and enjoying the first couple of months of the new year. I am signing off for now and I will be back on with updates soon 🙂

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