Long time no see!

A fond welcome back to my faithful subscribers as I haven’t added any content to this site in such a while.
You will notice I have given the whole site an overhaul and taken away a lot of the old outdated posts as the working world has been changing and developing at a rapid rate. I hope you like it ūüôā

So, how have you all been doing? Busy and happy I hope.

After dedicating a lot of time to a major clients relocation and operational set up, the project has finally come to a close.  I can now focus on up skilling on new digital developments and legislation that will keep us in good stead. ( inbetween between current clients)

If we don’t stay with it, we will most definately get left behind, that much is for sure.

So, over the past few weeks of being back available for hire, I have to admit I actually fell asleep to a few training videos, I can’t lie. However, in amongst the masses of unrequired training resources available I have filtered out a few new items I love.

Maybe some of you can recall me singing the praise of video scribe for captivating marketing content material creation. Well my new favourite online must have for business is a custom built chat bot. YAY! I actually love the features of being able to filter and profile inbound leads and group accordingly prior to even replying to their initial enquiry. Absolutely flipping great it is.

I promise to do an article on this over the next few weeks, as I feel it really deserves it.

I will also be posting about some of the companies I have had the pleasure to work with over the past five years, this is mainly as some background information for people considering using my services in the future and hopefully it won’t be too boring compared to some of the interesting news from the digital marketing and accounting industries and how these aspects may impact or improve elemetnts of business.

A few more promises……

I promise to try my best to not mention brexit. I promise to try my best not to mention bitcoin.

I welcome topic suggestions from you all as after all, it is you guys I am aiming to assist.

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by. If you like what I am doing and what this site is about, subscribe to not miss a thing : )

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