Dudley Humour = TGF

I can’t leave these dudes out of a Black Country Business write up. It would be a sin. 
So, many moons ago, whilst living in Worcester, my eldest son and his friends all began watching and liking fun videos on youtube.
“Load of saftness” my mom said 🤣 Little did our Vera know!
The word spread and these guys just got a bigger and bigger following. 
Teenagers throughout the UK were all discussing the mad antics of Jay and Romell of #TGFBro when it turned out I went to school with Jays’ dad and grew up with his mom and aunties,
Yay – success for more Black Country folk.
Well, my kids were chuffed to find out they lived around the corner from nanny Vera and nan was chuffed she knew TGF – all of a sudden it wasn’t saftness but great fun and a good business model for online performers. If anyone has made a business out of Youtube for having personality – it is these guys. 
Plenty love and respect for the laughs they have given, the danger they have put their selves in and the rewards they deserve.
I don’t exactly know how they draw the inspiration for the uploads but they are hilarious just the same.

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