Cars …. again :)

Well it hasn’t been the weather for cleaning my car (any excuse)
I know that for some of you your vehicle is your pride and joy. 
All little dinks and scratches take their toll on the bodywork and appearance of your beloved motor.
Great news for you guys xx
Todays’ Black Country Business review is for me mate Nik.
I’ve known Nik for almost 20 years and he is one of the nicest folks I know and so are the rest of his lovely family.
Perfectionist. Eye for detail. A leader in the game.
Nik has been doing high end detailing and smart repair for a number of years now. His early days were with the familiar Chips Away franchise network. Due to the fact that his work is such a high standard and had repeated work from #BENTLEY#LAMBORGHINI and high-end players such as that he reduced the amount of franchise work to concentrate on building a business on his own great reputation.
Arctic Smart Repairs ltd is a mobile #carbodyrepair company based in West Midlands & surrounding areas. They specialise in #smartrepairs#alloywheels etc.

Just keep going! says our Black Country motivational speaker

I have not yet had the fortune to work with this local Black Country guy but I do admire his strong work ethic.
After following Mark on his startup and social media journey a while ago I realised he is the brother of a someone I went to school with. So naturally, I wished him well and just showed some sideline support.
It has been great to see how far this journey has already taken Mark and I am looking forward to lots of future updates of great stuff also.
Some people stand out from a crowd and have that thing that keeps them pushing forward against all brick walls.
If anyone has that “thing”, this guy has. Mark is so positive and grateful he has inspired many to go onto great things.
His business is bringing a little bit of that to others who may lack the confidence to sing from the rooftops about what they believe in.…

Taxing Work

If you are in need of a Black Country based accountant to get your tax affairs in order, remember to try Azure or to inbox me for more details. 
Peace of mind when you are dealing with HMRC or Companies House.
Just the word #taxreturn alone can be daunting. Nevermind the fact the phone lines have had the same on hold tune playing for 26 years 🙂

Azure is a friendly, local, professional service.

If you don’t need a fully qualified accountant just yet but just some help to enter your data and help keep your records up to date, there is a strong chance I can assist you with that.

Drop me a message to see if we can find a solution to meet your needs and budget.

Dudley Humour = TGF

I can’t leave these dudes out of a Black Country Business write up. It would be a sin. 
So, many moons ago, whilst living in Worcester, my eldest son and his friends all began watching and liking fun videos on youtube.
“Load of saftness” my mom said 🤣 Little did our Vera know!
The word spread and these guys just got a bigger and bigger following. 
Teenagers throughout the UK were all discussing the mad antics of Jay and Romell of #TGFBro when it turned out I went to school with Jays’ dad and grew up with his mom and aunties,
Yay – success for more Black Country folk.
Well, my kids were chuffed to find out they lived around the corner from nanny Vera and nan was chuffed she knew TGF – all of a sudden it wasn’t saftness but great fun and a good business model for online performers. If anyone has made a business out of Youtube for having personality – it is these guys. 
Plenty love and respect for the laughs they have given, the danger they have put their selves in and the rewards they deserve.
I don’t exactly know how they draw the inspiration for the uploads but they are hilarious just the same.

GMS Group

This week showcase company was founded by a Black Country guy who taught me and the girls from class football on the local park after school. Showing early signs of management material he was. Admittedly, I was already spectacular at football 🤣🤣🤣 and fouling 🤣🤣😎 but they were good times.
Many of you may already know Neil and when I saw him myself more recently, it took a while to place that face. (I was out with a crowd at the time – apologies) and wasn’t expecting to see me old mukka. Still very proud of his Black Country Roots he has gone from strength to strength in his position at GMS Group of Companies and deservedly so. He is the definitely the one to click on if you need Security Services, Property Support Services, Caretaking Services, Legal Services, Screening and Vetting Services.

Food – (a change from cars)

Hi All,
I’m off again telling you all about my friends and colleagues and chatting about their business. 
I know sometimes the service is not always your topic or interest. (sorry x)
However, I am sure this one will be considered for a visit from a few of you guys. Particularly those who love getting out and about for a bit of #goodgrub and beautiful countryside scenery.
Located in the #rural village of Kinlet, I have pleasure in bringing you – 
A full English breakfast or any of the fresh local produce you may fancy either to eat in the beautiful surroundings or take away. 
So, get yourselves down there and tell them Sarah said: “get the kettle on!” ❣️

Infinity Glass

Great fashion and practicality glass design

I think this looks amazing and the great news is – yet again, it is a local trader doing such fab work. Black Country folk, we might sound saft on the telly 😜😂 but we have got such a skilled bunch of hard-working people in varied industries right on our doorstep. 

Cars again :)

Premier Smart Solutions was also one of my earlier founding customers. Managing Director Martin Bills is an uncle to my children. I have known Martin for over 20 years. However, I haven’t seen much of the lad due to the fact that
Martin’s skill set is very much in demand globally within the #automotivesector.
He began his career at Land Rover, many moons ago. With this high-end training and skills gained Martin then went on to actually script and build the training and exams criteria for the smart repair industry assisting large companies such as Bradleys and Du Pont.
As the creator of the training course, who else would be best suited to roll and implement this around the world.
Since the startup of Premier Smart Solutions Martin has trained thousands of smart repair technicians in the UK, Europe and USA. So we don’t meet up very often, unfortunately. 
Martin was born and bred in #Birmingham, even though he is out of the UK a lot he still enjoys a bit of Birmingham #footy banter.

Born for Business

Today, I have decided to natter on again about some of the Black Country people I really support, endorse and admire in business.
Well, I would have been crazy to miss out our lovely Donna and all her achievements.
In our early trading days, Donna and I would swap my pencil for her rubber (Dodgy under desk dealer lmao 🤣👌)
Joking apart, through sheer determination and hard work Donna has excelled in whichever business she has been advocating at that time.
Some of you may recall her global recognition, in the media spotlight for her amazing work at her small but very, very busy and extremely successful cake shop. The standard of the decoration of Donna’s cakes deserved to be in a gallery not eaten! 
Donna goal now is “to help people lead their Fairytale lifestyle with time and financial freedom to give them choices and get more from life!”
Vibrant and approachable, her kind giving nature makes this a great role for someone with the skill set Donna has.

2nd shout out – Bustle About

Ahhh, my second showcase is for a lady I have a lot of love for. ❣️
I haven’t known the lovely Karen all my life but over the past three years of us working together, we have become really good #friends
Karen was working as a systems analyst which she had graduated in. Her Employers were blue-chip companies long hours and long distances meant less home life and a change was needed.
Karen has always had a passion for being creative. Even in her spare time, she makes beautiful pieces of handmade lace and other cool stuff as hobbies.
Karen is a keen 4×4 enthusiast along with her husband Bob and they have taken some pretty amazing trips to far reached places with their landrovers and a box of spare parts.
In a bid to improve her quality of home life. Karen decided to change career and what made more sense than for her to put these amazing creative skills to use in environments she loves.
So Karen became Bustle About. Tipton based serving the world. Initially steered towards #Landrover owners she knew who needed repairs such as roof linings etc she is now being commissioned to do work in the classic and collectable vehicles markets and broader automotive retrim, repairs and accessories.
#COOL YEAH? Just take a look at some her the work she has turned out on the facebook page below or head to
Remember to give her page a like if you love what she is doing.

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