A kick start to my “big-ups” and “shout outs”

First off in my #tribute posts just has to be my very first customer back in 2013. 
I will always be grateful for their confidence and patience when I was just starting out. 
Although they no longer use #Sarassist and manage most tasks in-house I am pleased to say we are still in touch now and again and it’s great to see the business standing the test of time.
So, I am proud to tell you guys my very first customer as Sarassist was Vehicle Installation Solutions, based in Sutton Coldfield. (leaders in the game I may add). 
I have known Neil, the business owner from my school days in Dudley. As most schoolmates do, over the years we lost touch when he moved away, yet facebook meant we caught up with each other again and meant we could communicate easily at a distance for me to meet his changing business needs. 
They have over 25 years experience in #Auto electrics and the aftermarket installation sector, their engineers specialise in any make of vehicle so you can be assured your #cherished car is safe in their hands!
You will see from the reviews the customers travel from far and wide for their expertise and the feedback is 5*.

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