2nd shout out – Bustle About

Ahhh, my second showcase is for a lady I have a lot of love for. ❣️
I haven’t known the lovely Karen all my life but over the past three years of us working together, we have become really good #friends
Karen was working as a systems analyst which she had graduated in. Her Employers were blue-chip companies long hours and long distances meant less home life and a change was needed.
Karen has always had a passion for being creative. Even in her spare time, she makes beautiful pieces of handmade lace and other cool stuff as hobbies.
Karen is a keen 4×4 enthusiast along with her husband Bob and they have taken some pretty amazing trips to far reached places with their landrovers and a box of spare parts.
In a bid to improve her quality of home life. Karen decided to change career and what made more sense than for her to put these amazing creative skills to use in environments she loves.
So Karen became Bustle About. Tipton based serving the world. Initially steered towards #Landrover owners she knew who needed repairs such as roof linings etc she is now being commissioned to do work in the classic and collectable vehicles markets and broader automotive retrim, repairs and accessories.
#COOL YEAH? Just take a look at some her the work she has turned out on the facebook page below or head to Bustleabout.co.uk.
Remember to give her page a like if you love what she is doing.

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